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Motor Trade Insurance – Cheap Traders Policies

If you own a business related to car or motor industry so you should ensure that all assets are covered under insurance. Car or motor industries include car repair garages, paint repair shops, car dealerships, etc. insurance cover should cover the assets of these industries including of their tools and equipments but also covers the vehicle left by clients in the premises of these industries.

motor trade insurance

These industries involve lots of risk as they comprised of stock of new cars, garages have stocks of old cars, car dealerships have stocks of new as well as demo cars, etc. so this category of business involves lots of assets, property, manpower and third liabilities. The Comprehensive policy of motor trade insurance covers all the major damages like theft, fire, strom and Road risks and third party liability. The Comprehensive policy premium is on a higher side butt it gives you the protection and mental peace of mind by offering complete coverage to damage.

Business owners can also opt for combined policies of motor trade insurance, which not only covers the vehicle and the drivers but also provide an umbrella cover to the tools, equipments, road risks, business interruptions and assets within the vicinity under one single cover. You can also negotiate from the broker if you are buying the Motor Insurance policy from a single insurer.

If you have a business in motor industries and you have lots of employees stocking, repairing the vehicles using the tools and equipments you should ensure to provide them with appropriate insurance cover so that incase of any unfortunate circumstances your business should not face any adverse condition. You can take the quotes and go through the detailed report of the policies for your car insurance before you choose the best policy for your business.

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